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| Rated PG-13 for language | Updates Mondays | Roland Sheppard, a laid-back 20 year old from Dewford in the Hoenn region, has just passed his trainer certification in Pallet along with his classmates. Now he and the others can pursue the League challenge in Kanto, but things aren't as easy as he thinks they will be, especially when he announces to his soon-to-be rival that he will only be using Water-type Pokemon. (And blue Pokemon. But same thing, right?) [A comic of my run with Pokemon LeafGreen: Hard Mode, or rather, a (sort of) monotype Nuzlocke challenge]

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Fun Fact Friday: "Dust Bowl"

Friday, August 2017, 06:35 pm

Disclaimer: This series is more of an explanation of each trainer's thought process and plans for code names that don't always get to be shown in the comic than advising any actually useful battle strategy. Any comment along the lines of 'It would much more effective if ___' will most likely be ignored.

Hopefully this is a series that will continue as the comic progresses!

Here's a more involved Fun Fact this week, which is a deeper explanation of what "Dust Bowl" entails in battle. Bulbasaur is bulkier than Pidgey but Pidgey is faster, which hopefully gets it to land Sand Attacks before the foe can actually attack.

Also, we're 1/4 of our way to reaching our first goal on Patreon -- a patron-exclusive Q&A extra! Every little bit counts, and all tiers get to ask questions! You can check out NOICE's Patreon page here!

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, August 2017, 08:45 pm


Strategy names can be as complicated and as unique as the trainer using them likes – however, the trainer does have to take into account of the Pokemon’s own memory for the code names. A name too complicated for a freshly-caught Pokemon to remember won’t do the trainer any good, but a Pokemon that has been with a trainer for a decade can definitely be expected to have memorized more vague and complicated strategy names. Also, the Pokemon’s individual intelligence and memory comes into play into how complicated these strategy names can get.

Wip Wednesday (CH5, P5)

Wednesday, August 2017, 05:52 pm

(All right, this will sound pretty familiar to those who read the Fun Fact Friday I posted last, but hear me out:

Some of you may know this already, but on other sites, I like to post small sneak peeks of the page to come next week, provided they aren't
too spoilery, called "Wip Wednesdays." [You've probably started noticing the naming theme here.] I've been posting them on tumblr and dA since forever, and it hit me that I should start posting them here, too.

not going to go back and post all of the WW's I've done up until now -- it wouldn't actually be that interesting, considering all the Wips that have been shown are pages that, well, have already been posted.

However, there won't always be a Wip each week. That's because for the Wips that are a little
too spoilery, I save those for my audience on Patreon, instead! The reward for these super secret sneak peeks is just $1 a month, so if you're interested in getting some spoiler-ish content, I'd appreciate it if you checked out my Patreon!

All right! Without further ado, here's this week's Wip Wednesday, and I hope you all are looking forward to all of the future ones, as well!)

That's the face of a winner right there.

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, July 2017, 09:52 pm

(Wow, hello to all the new people who have fav'd "Nuzlocke on Ice"! I really appreciate it, and thanks for sticking around to all my old followers out there!

Some of you may know this already, but on other sites, I like to post little tidbits about my comic on Fridays (very cleverly titled "Fun Fact Fridays"). These posts can be about anything ranging from worldbuilding in the NOICE 'verse, little gems I sneaked into certain panels, and other bits of information that I might think readers will find interesting. I've been posting them on tumblr and dA since forever, and it hit me that I should start posting them here, too.

Just a warning: I'm
not going back and posting all of the other 100~ FFF's I've already done. (Please have mercy on me.) However, if you're curious and would like to peruse the older ones I've posted, this link on the "Nuzlocke on Ice" tumblr will be the easiest way for you to look at them.

All right! Without further ado, here's this week's Fun Fact, and I hope you all are looking forward to all of the future ones, as well!)

Unlike in the games and anime where everyone shouts out their Pokemon’s moves, people have been using common sense in NOICE for a little while now. Typically people only call out the exact move they want their Pokemon to use when they haven’t had the time or the chance to train their teammates with any code names. (That’s why in Chapter 1 everyone was using the actual names for their Pokemon’s moves, since they had just gotten their starters at that point and literally no prep time before their battles.)

People do, however, still can and do call out the actual move names in battles. No one is certainly stopping them, but it does definitely hurt your strategy if your opponent knows what you’re going to do before you do it. However, when not being used as a poor strategy by trainers who don’t know better, it’s much more commonly used as a handicap. Gym leaders are actually supposed to call out their actual attack names that they want their Pokemon to use, since they’ve had hours and hours of more battling experience than the average Pokemon trainer aiming to take on the League.

Returning July 10th

Wednesday, July 2017, 11:29 pm

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