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Roland Sheppard, a laid-back 20 year old from Dewford in the Hoenn region, has just passed his trainer certification in Pallet along with his classmates. Now he and the others can pursue the League challenge in Kanto, but things aren't as easy as he thinks they will be, especially when he announces to his soon-to-be rival that he will only be using Water-type Pokemon. (And blue Pokemon. But same thing, right?) [A comic of my run with Pokemon LeafGreen: Hard Mode, or rather, a (sort of) monotype Nuzlocke challenge]

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Saturday, January 2018, 08:48 pm


Fun Fact Friday

Friday, January 2018, 08:31 pm

One of these Pikachu on page 4 of Chapter 6 is a shiny. (Have you taken a look at Pikachu’s shiny coloring lately?)

Patreon rewards are up!

Saturday, January 2018, 02:27 pm

Rewards for December are up on Patreon! They feature stuff like:

- Secret ref of… someone???
- Thumbnails of Chapter 5, pages 9, 10, and 11
- Inks of Chapter 5, pages 9, 10, and 11

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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, January 2018, 08:51 pm

Originally when some Pokemon that are found in Viridian Forest were being shown in Chapter 6, page 4, there was a Pidgey flying over in this shot:

However, it was taken out at the last minute, for fear of it making the ‘did a Pidgeotto do all of this’ suspense confusing or misleading people into thinking it was a clue. Sorry, random Pidgey. :c

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, December 2017, 07:11 pm

The biggest reason for a chase scene in Chapter 6 was for Roland and Blueberry to get through Viridian Forest as quickly as possible while still having opportunities for the overarching story to peek through and for the chance to show a little worldbuilding.

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