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| Rated PG-13 for language | Updates Mondays | Roland Sheppard, a laid-back 20 year old from Dewford in the Hoenn region, has just passed his trainer certification in Pallet along with his classmates. Now he and the others can pursue the League challenge in Kanto, but things aren't as easy as he thinks they will be, especially when he announces to his soon-to-be rival that he will only be using Water-type Pokemon. (And blue Pokemon. But same thing, right?) [A comic of my run with Pokemon LeafGreen: Hard Mode, or rather, a (sort of) monotype Nuzlocke challenge]

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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, September 2017, 03:00 pm

He's a jerk, but not that much of a jerk.

The Gary “fake out” scene was originally going to be put in as far back as Chapter 1, but I soon decided that would be revealing too much about Gary’s character too early and instead saved it for the next possible moment, Chapter 5. I kept what was in Chapter 1 as a parallel scene to make Chapter 5′s moment all the more foreboding (because let’s be real the guy still hates to lose especially to someone like Roland).

Wip Wednesday (CH5, P11)

Wednesday, September 2017, 11:04 am

Who's THAT Pokemon?

Just a heads-up that next week's page is the LAST page of Chapter 5! That means there will be a month-long break before Chapter 6 starts, and it begins with some pretty spoiler-ific stuff. :^)

If you already know that you'd like to see the goods, you can pledge to my Patreon today for as little as $1 to see the Wips and $3 if you would be interested in seeing some of the interesting concept art I'll have up there.

Every little bit helps!

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, September 2017, 02:26 pm

There are 2 ways to lose a Pokemon battle in the NOICE ‘verse:

1) You fight until your Pokemon are knocked out, either falling unconscious or simply not having enough stamina to continue to fight (which lately has posed an increased death rate even in regulated battles).

2) You concede the match to your opponent.

The second option can be employed either when you know it’s impossible for your team to win at that point in the battle or when the costs of winning are too high. It’s usually regarded as a responsible and wise strategy and the sign of a good trainer.

Fun Fact Friday

Saturday, September 2017, 02:00 pm


Blueberry did actually get a critical hit against Gary’s Bulbasaur in the game! I try to keep the battles as close as possible to what actually happened, and this was a welcomed and fun detail to put in.

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, August 2017, 02:52 pm

That is indeed the Pokemon League behind Gary. The goal was to make it easy to miss at a first glance (which is why the contrast is as high as it is between Gary and the building), so don't feel bad if you missed it!

(But if you did catch it before seeing page 7, feel free to shout it out in the comments. You get bragging rights. :p)

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