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What is this comic about?

Roland Sheppard, a laid-back 20 year old from Dewford in the Hoenn region, has just passed his trainer certification in Pallet along with his classmates. Now he and the others can pursue the League challenge in Kanto, but things aren't as easy as he thinks they will be, especially when he announces to his soon-to-be rival that he will only be using Water-type Pokemon. (And blue Pokemon. But same thing, right?) [A comic of my run with Pokemon LeafGreen: Hard Mode, or rather, a (sort of) monotype Nuzlocke challenge]

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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, July 2018, 12:55 pm

This has been my background, secretly, for the past month or so.

Before the page was colored, my background was instead filled with other pictures of Nidoran. ;w;

Patreon rewards are up!

Saturday, July 2018, 09:39 am

Rewards for June are up on Patreon! This month we got:

- Concept art for a good(?) girl
- Thumbnails of Chapter 7, pages 1 - 6
- Inks of Chapter 7, pages 1 - 6
- PSDs of Chapter 7, pages 1 - 6
- a totally real tweet that Roland made once
- ...and a silly doodle of Gary, F5, and Buddy!

It’s gonna take us a few months to get through Chapter 7 (with it being 30 pages and all), so every month will provide six pages of rewards for each tier (excluding the concept art). In other words, it’s a pretty good time to become a patron, because you’ll be getting A LOT of stuff. ;>

If you enjoy "Nuzlocke on Ice" and enjoy bonus content, please consider becoming a patron today!

Or, if you're more interested in a one-time donation, you can donate to my ko-fi account, instead. Every little bit helps!

Thank you to ALL of my patrons, who help me continue to make NOICE!

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, July 2018, 12:29 pm

While the other wild Nidoran had their designs based on hares, the new girl is based off of domestic rabbits.

Look at them. So cute and filled with rage.

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, July 2018, 02:14 pm

Nidoran (or at least the wild Nidoran that Roland was begging to join his team) had their designs based on wild hares to make them skinny and lanky, and with long, tall ears. And as we've seen in the comic, they're pretty speedy!

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, June 2018, 01:25 pm

The three legendary birds of Kanto are featured on all of the bills that Roland has in Chapter 8, page 5: Zapdos (5), Moltres (10), and Articuno (20).

There's no actual importance on why each bird is on their respective bills; the only reason Articuno is on the 20 instead of Moltres or Zapdos is because Articuno is my favorite. :'D

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