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Roland Sheppard, a laid-back 20 year old from Dewford in the Hoenn region, has just passed his trainer certification in Pallet along with his classmates. Now he and the others can pursue the League challenge in Kanto, but things aren't as easy as he thinks they will be, especially when he announces to his soon-to-be rival that he will only be using Water-type Pokemon. (And blue Pokemon. But same thing, right?) [A comic of my run with Pokemon LeafGreen: Hard Mode, or rather, a (sort of) monotype Nuzlocke challenge]

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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, February 2018, 10:49 am

A big reason why the "Winning Trainers" board made it into NOICE at all was thanks to the Pokemon comic "Mokepon," who actually has a "This Month's Winners" board and pushed me to think, "I guess this can be done."

In some parallel universe where I didn’t spend about a week reading all of Mokepon, this chapter could have started really differently. Kind of scary, honestly.

Fun Fact Friday

Friday, February 2018, 01:50 pm

Brock keeps a few Vulpix at his gym, since it’s one of his favorite Pokemon, but he doesn’t fight any gym battles with them. All of the ones that stay with him are rescues and need a foster home to stay at for at least a couple of years before going with trainers or living on their own.

He would love to take care of an Alolan Vulpix someday, but with it being from a different region and requiring a lot more paperwork and certification, it’s not likely to happen for some time.

Wip Wednesday (CH7, P9)

Wednesday, February 2018, 12:34 pm

Me too, Roland.

We’re ¼ of the way to reaching our first goal on Patreon: a Q&A extra for patrons!

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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, February 2018, 04:55 pm

-- "Not after that guy with the Bulba, no.”

Trainers in NOICE need to schedule matches in advance with the gyms they plan on challenging. The only information they need to give are things like their name and how many badges they have so far (to ensure that they fight Pokemon that are appropriate for the trainer and their Pokemon’s levels). This can easily be done over the phone, with the staff at the town’s Pokemon Center, and even at the front desk of gyms (such as with Liam here in Pewter.)

Although these new regulations can be a little tedious for trainers who aren’t willing to wait around or plan ahead, they’ve made things much more convenient for Leaders. By knowing how many and what level of trainers they can expect, Leaders can better prepare their parties to fight challengers and make sure that they have enough Pokemon that are ready and healthy enough to fight multiple battles for an extended period of time. Since these new regulations have been put into place, there has been a decline of serious injuries of Leaders’ Pokemon when fighting in gym battles.


Sunday, January 2018, 01:03 pm

(Daisy's not here because I'm still working on her picture, but she was a runner-up [silver] for Best Supporting Character.)

Well, I memed last year after getting extremely sappy the summer before, so going to try to strike a balance in-between.

NOICE got gold both for "Best Rival" and "Best Protagonist" (in a comic run), and I'm honestly nearly at a loss for words. It was incredible enough that both Gary and Roland were nominated in the same year, but both of them getting gold in each of their respective categories is just mind-blowing to me. I'm stunned -- but so incredibly flattered -- that people enjoy them as much as they do. Both of these dorks are a lot of fun to write but even more fun to write together, and I'm happy to see that people feel the same way.

Thank you to all of my patrons, to anyone who has ever donated, to everyone who nominated, to everyone who voted for NOICE, but especially thank you to anyone who reads this comic and enjoys it.

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