Nuzlocke on Ice

Chapter 9, page 11

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Friday, November 2018, 09:09 am

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angryskitty, Friday, November 2018, 09:49 am

"...a cliffhanger."

The next page is already up on Patreon!

The Comic Bundle rewards for October are also up on Patreon! Thanks as always to my wonderful supporters for helping to continue to make NOICE possible!

Advertisement, Tuesday, October 2019, 07:53 pm

User Comments:

steelscyther_2008, Friday, November 2018, 10:14 am

I call this.....

Steve. Also this guy should be beaten with his own Magikarp, keeping the poor thing in a washing machine, that cruel.

Also FIRST!!

Guest, Friday, November 2018, 01:06 pm

Is he really buying this? As in, the seller's speech... not the magikarp...

venami, Friday, November 2018, 04:35 pm

But is it blue?

SentryBeat, Saturday, November 2018, 01:07 pm

@angryskitty: damit i cat find the add to favorites button

angryskitty, Saturday, November 2018, 04:09 pm

@SentryBeat: It's fixed now! Thank you for telling me -- I had no idea it ran off!
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