Nuzlocke on Ice

Chapter 10, page 8

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Friday, May 2019, 09:50 am

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angryskitty, Friday, May 2019, 09:50 am

Break's over! We tab back to someone familiar. Is ANYONE happy tonight?

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User Comments:

AidanTheNzulocker (Guest), Friday, May 2019, 06:21 pm


wait what about roland's friend from the trainer academy school thing. I think they chose Charmander? yeah and then roland ran away with BB that night. Will we see them again?

angryskitty, Friday, May 2019, 09:44 am

@AidanTheNzulocker: Eventually! They should be able to pop in later. :D

WaxingGibbous1256, Saturday, May 2019, 08:05 pm

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