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Fun Fact Friday: "Dust Bowl"

Friday, August 2017, 06:35 pm

Disclaimer: This series is more of an explanation of each trainer's thought process and plans for code names that don't always get to be shown in the comic than advising any actually useful battle strategy. Any comment along the lines of 'It would much more effective if ___' will most likely be ignored.

Hopefully this is a series that will continue as the comic progresses!

Here's a more involved Fun Fact this week, which is a deeper explanation of what "Dust Bowl" entails in battle. Bulbasaur is bulkier than Pidgey but Pidgey is faster, which hopefully gets it to land Sand Attacks before the foe can actually attack.

Also, we're 1/4 of our way to reaching our first goal on Patreon -- a patron-exclusive Q&A extra! Every little bit counts, and all tiers get to ask questions! You can check out NOICE's Patreon page here!

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