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Friday, July 2017, 09:52 pm

(Wow, hello to all the new people who have fav'd "Nuzlocke on Ice"! I really appreciate it, and thanks for sticking around to all my old followers out there!

Some of you may know this already, but on other sites, I like to post little tidbits about my comic on Fridays (very cleverly titled "Fun Fact Fridays"). These posts can be about anything ranging from worldbuilding in the NOICE 'verse, little gems I sneaked into certain panels, and other bits of information that I might think readers will find interesting. I've been posting them on tumblr and dA since forever, and it hit me that I should start posting them here, too.

Just a warning: I'm
not going back and posting all of the other 100~ FFF's I've already done. (Please have mercy on me.) However, if you're curious and would like to peruse the older ones I've posted, this link on the "Nuzlocke on Ice" tumblr will be the easiest way for you to look at them.

All right! Without further ado, here's this week's Fun Fact, and I hope you all are looking forward to all of the future ones, as well!)

Unlike in the games and anime where everyone shouts out their Pokemon’s moves, people have been using common sense in NOICE for a little while now. Typically people only call out the exact move they want their Pokemon to use when they haven’t had the time or the chance to train their teammates with any code names. (That’s why in Chapter 1 everyone was using the actual names for their Pokemon’s moves, since they had just gotten their starters at that point and literally no prep time before their battles.)

People do, however, still can and do call out the actual move names in battles. No one is certainly stopping them, but it does definitely hurt your strategy if your opponent knows what you’re going to do before you do it. However, when not being used as a poor strategy by trainers who don’t know better, it’s much more commonly used as a handicap. Gym leaders are actually supposed to call out their actual attack names that they want their Pokemon to use, since they’ve had hours and hours of more battling experience than the average Pokemon trainer aiming to take on the League.


WiispNightmare, Saturday, July 2017, 06:59 pm

That makes sense

Now I'm thinking about mine, lol, I don't have anything that complex. Mine probs have no sense.

angryskitty, Wednesday, August 2017, 05:40 pm

@WiispNightmare: Thank you! And don't worry about it -- I have a tendency to go overboard with details that really, really don't matter.
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