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Sunday, January 2018, 01:03 pm

(Daisy's not here because I'm still working on her picture, but she was a runner-up [silver] for Best Supporting Character.)

Well, I memed last year after getting extremely sappy the summer before, so going to try to strike a balance in-between.

NOICE got gold both for "Best Rival" and "Best Protagonist" (in a comic run), and I'm honestly nearly at a loss for words. It was incredible enough that both Gary and Roland were nominated in the same year, but both of them getting gold in each of their respective categories is just mind-blowing to me. I'm stunned -- but so incredibly flattered -- that people enjoy them as much as they do. Both of these dorks are a lot of fun to write but even more fun to write together, and I'm happy to see that people feel the same way.

Thank you to all of my patrons, to anyone who has ever donated, to everyone who nominated, to everyone who voted for NOICE, but especially thank you to anyone who reads this comic and enjoys it.

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