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I'm makin PRINTS

Wednesday, June 2019, 12:00 pm



It's been 3 years and 200 pages of NOICE... so I think it's time for some celebration! These babies are 6x4 inches on lightweight card stock, are very blue... and are ready to get some new homes. (Blueberry plush not included.)

If you already support me on Patreon with $5 or more, you already get this print as a thank you gift! (You're awesome.) But I'm not limiting this gift to just current patrons--

Everyone who pledges $5 by the 30th gets this print, too! (and I ship internationally!)

I'm so excited to try something new, and I've been waiting to share this for a long time, so I just couldn't wait anymore. :'D The special offer doesn't open until the 24th, so you've got plenty of time to prepare if you'd like one!

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