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Friday, August 2017, 08:45 pm


Strategy names can be as complicated and as unique as the trainer using them likes – however, the trainer does have to take into account of the Pokemon’s own memory for the code names. A name too complicated for a freshly-caught Pokemon to remember won’t do the trainer any good, but a Pokemon that has been with a trainer for a decade can definitely be expected to have memorized more vague and complicated strategy names. Also, the Pokemon’s individual intelligence and memory comes into play into how complicated these strategy names can get.


Tepig16, Friday, August 2017, 10:28 pm

Neato :)

angryskitty, Friday, August 2017, 11:46 pm

@Tepig16: Thank you!

Tepig16, Saturday, August 2017, 03:45 pm

@angryskitty: Actually, this would be a cool thing for them to put into the anime, it would make the battles more interesting. :D
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