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Fun Fact Friday

Friday, December 2018, 04:52 pm

I tried getting the big lips that Magikarp has in the official art to look right on this guy, but I just couldn’t get it to look anything less than ridiculous. Just trust me on this one. Creative liberty took a big victory here. Trust me.


WaxingGibbous1256, Friday, December 2018, 08:11 pm

On April Fools Day make a comic, but everyone has the official art Magikarp lips

ZHODY the delfinator, Saturday, December 2018, 12:30 am

@WaxingGibbous1256: omg, YES

angryskitty, Saturday, January 2019, 06:00 pm

@WaxingGibbous1256: lskdflKJSLDKFJ

WaxingGibbous1256, Saturday, January 2019, 09:14 pm

@angryskitty: aXMgdGhpcyBob3cgdGhpcyB3b3Jrcw==
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