Nuzlocke on Ice

1. Only catch the first Pokemon that appears

The Pokemon must be AT LEAST one of the following:

1. Blue in color (as defined by Bulbapedia)


2. A Water-type (either a single or dual type)

2. No duplicates

If the first Pokemon to appear on the route is a duplicate, the player does not count it as her first Pokemon, does not catch it, and proceeds to the next Pokemon found in that same route.

If a Pokemon of the same species that died previously is found in a new route, it may not be caught.

Similarly, the evolutionary lines of a specific Pokemon count as duplicates and also may not be caught.

3. Specific Pokemon Rules

Eevee (in Celadon)

  • Roll a d6.  Results are determined by the Eeveelutions’ position in Pokedex on Bulbapedia. (Later amended because, of course, Espeon and Umbreon cannot be obtained by evolution in LeafGreen/FireRed. rip me)

Magikarp (before Mt. Moon)

  • Can be caught as long as enough PokeYen is obtained beforehand.

The Celadon Game Corner

  • If the player obtains enough coins, she may buy the Pokemon offered as a prize (as long as they are blue in color or a water type).

The fossils in Mt. Moon

  • Roll a d4.  Evens are the Helix fossil, and odds are the Dome fossil.

4. Any Pokemon that faints in battle must be permanently boxed in the PC in the “DEAD” box.

5. All Pokemon must be named upon being caught. Renaming the Pokemon is not allowed.